About Me



I am passion-ette Suzette, the hostess of this website and creator of Passion-ette Directions.  Are you tired of all the “no” messages rolling around in your head?  Well, so was I!  So, with God’s help and my husband’s blessing…I retired from my 30 years of technical work to pursue my life’s dream of helping others explore their true worth through God’s eyes!

I have been on a life-long, arduous journey trying to discover and embrace my own values, my own desires, my own sense of who I am, not the ‘version of Suzette’ that others defined me as.  It has been a difficult, challenging, painful, extraordinary, joyful, exhilarating journey and I would not change any of it.  My journey has made me who I am today, the good, the bad and the ugly!

So come on, with God’s help, let’s answer those questions you’ve been asking yourself!  We can discover your hopes, your dreams, and your visions, because YOU have all the answers…within your own heart, soul and mind.

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